What You Need to Know about Your Electric Meter

An electric meter is a device that tracks the amount of electricity consumed in one’s home. Wherein, your electric bills usually depend on several factors, such as the size of your home, the number of people living the house, the electric devices being used, and so on. Likewise, your monthly electric bill is calculated by ‘reading’ the actual usage obtained on the electric meter. Don’t throw everything out and call a Dunwoody GA dumpster rental to take it away just yet! This can also be calculated by estimating the usage of electricity in a span of twelve months.

An electric bill that’s frequently estimated will give you the risk of paying more for the electricity bill than the original amount. However, by reading your own electric meter and reporting it to the electric company, you’ll be able to lower your bills, because it would be read efficiently. Also, if you have been over billed before, expect that your next electric bill will have a lower amount.

How to Read Your Electric Meter
The first step to reading your electric meter is familiarizing yourself with the kind of electric meter you are using. The descriptions mentioned below will help you determine the kind of electric meter you have:

Single Register Digital Meter
This type of electric meter displays the meter reading in a single row. comparing electric companies provide online tools that allow the consumers to manage their electricity online with the use of a digital meter. Oftentimes, the bills of this type of meter aren’t estimated, because the meter sends a transmission directly to electric company. In order to read this meter, you should jot down the 5 digits from left to right. The preceding numbers should be ignored.

Digital Meter with Two Registers
This type of electric meter has two rows of numbers. However, just like the single meter, the electricity consumed is also transmitted to the electric company. What makes this meter different is the fact that the top number shows the amount of off-peak units you have consumed, while the bottom number shows the normal units of electricity used.

Two Rate Single Display Meter
A two rate single display meter has one or two displays where you can read from. In any case that your electric meter only has one display, look for a button that will allow you to access the other reading. Just like the first two electric meters, this one also sends the reading directly to the electric company in houston.

Dial Meter with Five or Six Dials
There’s also a dial meter that has five or six dials. This is an old-fashioned electric meter, and each dial resembles a clock face, but with only one hand. The number the hand is pointing will be the number to be read. Wherein the first read position starts from the right, going to the far right.

Reading an electric meter is not as hard as it seems. Once you get the knack of it, you’ll be able to read your energy consumption with each, and you’ll have the privilege of checking if what’s written on the electric bill is accurate or not.  If you are planning to replace your old an dilapidated electric meter, just make sure that you dispose of them properly since they might be a danger to others.  Calling reputable dumpster removal companies like atlanta location dumpsters should be a great idea.

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